Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Well, it isn't very exciting, but I primed the dining room chairs. Do we have a dining room? Not really. Do we have a dining room table? Not currently. But once we do...I'll be ready. I think I'll paint them a light gray or something so they aren't just primed. I hope you can take a moment and enjoy the shed in the background; it came with the house! Oh my gosh, it was such a deal. The only problem? Its UGLY! Seriously. I think hobbits lived in there while our house was uninhabited. Hopefully next spring we will build something that is nicer to look at. 

Here are the pumpkins my sister and I painted. They are currently at the dance studio, but I really liked them on our stoop. Is that a stoop? It's no porch...I'm not really sure what it is. I feel like in order to be a stoop we need to sit and drink beers on it, but whatever.

That is all I have for my crafts. I know, kind of boring.

I said I would talk more about our trip to Fabric Depot, and let me tell you, I never knew you could go on a date to a fabric store, especially with someone like Josh. He grew up with two brothers, so he never really had to partake in the girly outings, and every time we do something like this he normally turns into a zombie, and finally we just have to leave the store. Magic was in the air though, because this turned out to be an amazing outing. Did you know that you can buy fabric with just about any print on it? The sections were limitless: Cat Print, Western Print, Farm Print, Transportation Print, Ethnic Print, Coffee Print...I mean, it is all ugly but AWESOME. Consider Josh's mind blown. I did find some fabric I want to cover the cushions for the (above) chairs, although I didn't buy it. I am planning on making our curtains, so I will go back with my mom to really look for that stuff.
But can I just say that Josh and I had a great time together? Such a small, silly trip turned into something we've been laughing about for 2 days now. Sometimes I feel like we should be more adventurous or romantic; but its the small things like our trip Sunday that remind me why I fell in love with Josh ten years ago, and why I still love him even more now.

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  1. Love the pumpkins, color and patterns! And I think the step is most certainly a small stoop, you could drink beer there if you didn't have have such a great backyard!