Monday, October 31, 2011

Home Projects

Wow I am so excited I actually uploaded some pictures from our house project! Unfortunately they are more "after" than "before", but since it is still a work in progress, some day soon these pics will be "before". Does that make any sense?
Firstly, this is the wood we are using for the counter tops. Josh salvaged it from attic; I was skeptical at first (see wood on left), but after planing it, I realized how beautiful it is. Status: Not finished.

 Below is an angle of the kitchen before we put the handles on the cabinets, then after.

This is an angle of the kitchen before and after handles. Not a huge difference, but I was pretty excited about it.

All those blank walls will (hopefully) have open shelves on them. And...of course, counter tops, which will then allow us to put in the sink and then hook up the dishwasher. I will be very thankful when this happens, since I'm currently (since last March) doing dishes in the bathroom sink, which is...annoying. And kind of gross, I think.
Also desperately needed: curtains, duh! More on that later.

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