Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Possibilities are Endless...

Happy Thursday! To all of my adoring fans out there!
Anyway, I don't know what it is about this time of year, but it just feels like there are so many possibilities out there. The weather is changing, so new clothes must be bought. School term has begun, so there are books to buy! The holidays are coming, so there are decorations to make, gifts to start buying (and asking for), and traditions (new and old) to think about.

I'm very excited to say that I have begun some craft projects around the house (thanks pinterest!). My sister came over Sunday and we painted pumpkins (and drank cider). I also (finally) utilized a huge vase that has been empty since our wedding by filling it with (inedible) gourds and branches...I also decorated a gourde up as a mummy. So cute! I'll try to put up some pictures. If it all sounds too cutesy, I think you'll find Josh in agreement, which is fine because some of it is going to the dance studio, where I have kids who will love it all.

A few other possibilities:
Travel- We are driving down to Eugene this weekend to visit Toby and Jess, and their everydayhegetscuterespeciallythoseeyelashesohmygod baby Jack. Have you ever thought how many awesome people there are named Jack? I can only think of two under all this pressure- Jack from Lost and Jack from 24, however I know there are more. Anyway, we'll watch the Duck game with them, which is awesome! Also, we are going to Hawaii in the summer...but there are other possibilities! A train ride to...Bend? Seattle? A weekend trip to visit our best friend in San Fran? Or our friend in San Diego? Or the brother in Philadelphia? Or, a random place, to a random competition? Which brings me other thoughts...
Dance- Dance! Dance in the Fall means new steps to work on!! It means that everything from last year- the wins and the losses- are behind everyone and anything is possible. Dance is twofold for me, since I compete but also teach my own students. This means even more possibilities! Dance class in the fall means its dark out, which means we are warm and cozy in our little studio, and I can soon (NOT until December) start playing Christmas music. Aaaah.

I know there are so many more, but these are what I am thinking about this morning. Besides the homework I should be doing, of course.

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