Thursday, October 6, 2011

Been there, done that. Or not

Place I want to go that I've already been:
Squaw Valley, California- it is snowing there right now, and they are calling it the earliest return of winter conditions to Tahoe since 1969. If my memory serves me right, that is the year they hosted the Olympics. But seriously, I would love to be in Squaw right now, riding the funitel in a car that we hijacked from any possible gapers.

Scotland- More specifically, the Highlands, or even more specifically, Strathdon. I've only ever been to Strathdon once before, and only for one night, but it blew my mind. Just a small town with not much in it, but sooo beautiful. Also the drive there from Skye was mind blowing, not to mention I was with my little sis and it was quite an adventure anyway. I would also settle for Edinburgh, or just any piece of road in Glen Coe.

Places I want to go that I've never been:

Las Vegas, NV- More specifically, this weekend, since its the World of Highland Dance Conference. I'm very, very bummed that I'm not going, and if someone offered me a ticket right now, I would drop everything and go. Duh.

Hawaii- I am going there next summer! Josh's parents are renting a condo/house for everyone to stay in (parents, Josh and I, two brothers, a wife and a girlfriend). I've never been, but since I tend to vacation in places that have dance competitions, this vacation should blow everything out of the (warm, beautiful) water. To top it all off, we are going right after I graduate from PSU, which will be a great time anyway.

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